Tuesday 6 September 2016

Open day at Gwrych Castle

A couple of weeks ago, we were looking at things to do around the weekend to have a break from work and hard labour on the Capri (poor Jason was having to work really hard on it in an attempt to get it ready for Retro Rides!). Jason came across the open day at the Gwrych Castle because he spotted that the Wild Horse Brewery would be there (haha, the call of the beer!). So even though the weather wasn't great, we decided to spend the afternoon there. Jason for the beer, me for a castle that I'd never visited before, and you know how crazy I am about castles!

Cheap cake and cute owls. What else can you ask for?!

Even though we paid £5 each at the entrance, the tours were free so we jumped in the queue and enjoyed half an hour of history about the castle. As we expected, this was a stately home which was built in the 19th century by a rich family. I guess you can tell at the material used for the windows and the fact that we could see the vestige of a proper kitchen.

They're in the process of renovating the castle, one bit at a time, and we had the privilege to see the restored garden and one of the towers that is quite far away from the main building.

The views were amazing from the top and it's a shame that they didn't manage to tidy everything up (it was left untouched for a good while) as I would have liked to explore more!

Little bonus for those of you who read the post until the end:

Jason was snapping away whilst I was being silly, and we thought it would make a great gif, so tadaaa!

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