Thursday 1 September 2016

Giveaway - Felix Felicis wallpapers

Happy first of September! I know that a lot of people see September as an opportunity to start from fresh after the summer, holidays, and time to think things through.

I unfortunately still associate it with the start of a new year at school (school is way behind me but I guess you can't avoid the rush of parents everywhere around you and the regular adverts screaming 'Back to schooooool' at you!), and I always thought September as a dreaded month. Not that I hated school, but I could not avoid the stress and apprehension of meeting new people, getting more homework, etc.

January is, to me, the 'new beginnings month', but this year, I do feel that September marks a new start, at least professionally. Jason left his full-time job two weeks ago, and we're now both freelance, in the unknown, left to our own devices. It's so exciting and scary, and all that stuff, and doing it together makes it completely different than being on my own. So yes, all that to let you know that September is a BIG month for us.

And now I can talk about the wallpapers! You see, the only books I don't mind reading over and over again apart from anything from Stephen King, is the Harry Potter series. I know, it's quite a strong contrast, but I just love them. And whilst reading the 6th volume 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince', I thought that we could do with a bit of Felix Felicis ourselves, to give us this extra bit of luck that we need in this crazy adventure!

Enjoy ;)


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