Monday 16 January 2017

Getting a Grip on my Goals

Happy Monday guys! Apparently it's Blue Monday, but to be honest, I just feel like it's a regular Monday, getting organised for the week and working hard on various projects. And anyway, I decided a while ago that I would stay as positive as possible, so I don't want to think about a depressive Monday, I want to start the week on the right foot!

With the beginning of January being a bit hectic, I didn't get around to doing my board full of goals for the next three months until yesterday. And although some of them are personal and just little details in my everyday life, I thought that if I share them with you today, that would make them even more official. This way, I have to work towards them right?!

So here's a little list of what I have planned for the next three months and goals that I need to reach (I know you're all super curious and dying to know!)

- I definitely need to drink more water.
- I have to give myself at least 1 day off every month outside of weekends!
- There's a budget I need to reach to be able to live comfortably so I've decided it's time to value my work better and to stop saying yes to underpaid jobs, or charging less hours for a job.
- I definitely need to get more French clients so in the next three months I want to be going to good networking events.
- Discover at least two new places per month.
- Well, we need to get a car first.
- Allow ourselves at least one dinner at a restaurant per month (if we had more money it would be every week haha)
- Collaborate more!
- Show more design on my Instagram feed
- I know I don't need to lose weight but god my muscles are like marshmallows so I NEED to get back to a workout routine!
- AND I want to introduce at least 6 new Etsy cards in my shop! I definitely need to sell some French ones now that I'm in France ;)

That's a few of my goals but my list is definitely longer. What are yours for the next couple of months?

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