Sunday 29 January 2017

La Bernerie-en-Retz

Lately it's been very cold but really sunny around here! One Saturday, we borrowed my parents' car (yeah I know, we desperately need to buy a new car!) and we drove to the coast, only about 30mins from where we live. Instead of getting to Pornic like we usually do, my dad advised us to stop at La Bernerie where it's less busy and there's a lovely walk to do along the coast. Well, he was definitely right!

We were almost on our own on the beach and the path looked like it had been freshly finished, with areas especially made for wheelchairs. There was a nice private space for swimming, but obviously we just looked at it and didn't even think of putting a toe in the water as it was so so cold (you can tell with the big scarf I had wrapped around my neck!).

As we're settling further in France, we're planning on discovering way more places in the next months so stay tuned!

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