Friday 6 January 2017

The Babetown Collective

Morning guys! A couple of weeks ago, I shared this project on my website but didn't have the occasion to share it on my blog. So here it is! I've talked so much about The Babetown Collective already on social media and I'm so pleased to be sharing more about it now! I've loved working on the brand update with Lola as well as the sub-brand for the E-retreat happening in March this year. Have you checked it out yet? Link is right here :) and if you're a photographer and super interested about it, you can now get $200 off at the checkout with the exclusive code carole200 so what are you waiting for?!

There still is so much to do so keep an eye out as we will be adding more elements to the branding very soon!

Not only have I had the pleasure to work with Lola on the design side of the project, but she also invited me to be one of the speakers! It'll be a challenge for me as I've never done anything like this before, but I'm actually really excited about it. I'll obviously keep you all updated when I've got more details! For now, if you'd like to see more, have a look on my website.

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