Wednesday 1 February 2017

Giveaway - Cute February Wallpapers!

Happy 1st of February! The first of the month means a whole new set of wallpapers to download for free! Again, I used the artworks I created for the printable calendar giveaway (don't have it yet? Get it HERE) and slightly changed the layout to create some cute wallpapers for all your desktops. I'm loving the minimal versions, don't you?

I'm so excited to be in February as now we're finally finishing all our paperwork after moving and we can start concentrating on finding a car and a new home. Although I love my family, it's been tough coming back to live with them and working at home after being 5 years away doing my own little thing. Not to mention that Jason and I had been living together in our own home for 3 years and it's quite hard to get used to not being just the two of us! Anyway, I'll keep you posted ;)

For now, feel free to update your desktops!


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