Thursday 19 October 2017

An Unforgettable Experience

I heard of Parc Aquanature a few months ago and I immediately knew that we had to visit this nature reserve during Autumn. This amazing place of 80 hectares counts more than a hundred deers living in the wild in a protected area. Sounds incredible right? Well it was!

During late September/beginning of October, the males get all kinds of virile and start doing a strong noise to rally their females around them. Although we can usually walk freely all around the park, during that period the owners prefer to avoid that in case the males get uneasy. So we decided to hire one of the few off-road buggies they had to explore the whole area. We didn't regret it! Deers are afraid of people but not the buggies as they don't feel it's a threat to them and we managed to get super close!

Our camera was unfortunately struggling a bit with the light (it rained a couple of times!) but I managed to take a few cool photos ;)

We're usually limited to 1h in the buggy but we were so amazed at the sight of all the deers and little bambis jumping around that we were way too slow at the beginning! Jason was driving it and was like a kid with a new toy, sometimes driving faster on the rough path just to scare me a bit!

Now I want to come back in June next year to see all the tiny fawns that will just be born as it will be the right season. I'm so glad we found this place, and the fact that it's only 45mins away from our house is a huge advantage.

After meeting the deers, we did the 1h walk along the river heading North of the main area. The owners were telling us how beautiful it was at that time of the year so we didn't want to miss it.

The atmosphere, the humidity, the colours and landscapes... Everything made me feel like I was back in North Wales for a short moment. Honestly, it was so weird! It just reminded me of our long walks and hikes in Betws-y-Coed and in the Snowdonia valleys. I think we did well settling in Bretagne ;)

Also, I have to mention this incredible mushroom that looks like it's been taken straight out of a cartoon. I found it so cool as I'd never seen a real one like that before! The colour was as vivid in real life as it is on the photo.

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