Friday 13 October 2017

My Work Routine!

Hey guys! I’m finally taking the time to share my work routine as a freelance designer and I know some of you will be curious to see how I organise myself! Plus, I love reading other designer’s routines as it always gives me ideas on how to tweak and improve mine. Here goes!

7.20am: The alarm goes off and five minutes later, the coffee machine is brewing fresh coffee. First, thank god for programmable coffee machines, and second, smelling the fresh coffee definitely wakes me up and it prevents me from being lazy and staying too long in bed. I have to say though, if I have tight deadlines or a very busy day ahead, I usually get ready as fast as I can and as I’m more of an early bird rather than a night owl, I definitely don’t find it difficult, which is the opposite for my boyfriend Jason! These two hilarious dogs definitely represent us (I’m the one who’s wide awake, obvs).

Between 8.30 and 9am: I’m at my desk, ready to rock n roll after a hot shower and proper breakfast (very important to me). I make a point of not eating my breakfast whilst starting to work as I really like to just be switched on with no distractions. I start with my emails, making sure to keep updated all my clients, and I check my to-do list for the week. I use Google Keep to keep track of everything on my phone and I always prepare my to-do lists way in advance so that I know what I have to do without any stressing involved. Then I work hard on all the projects that are priority until lunchtime.

Around 12.30pm: FOOD! I’m always excited about food so I look forward to my lunch break everyday. If I’m super busy, I usually don’t eat until 1pm, but then my belly is making all sorts of noises so it’s no good. I try not to eat too much though as I don’t want to feel sleepy afterwards. Even if Jason and I are working in the same room, we don’t talk much whilst working unless we need an opinion or help with our respective work (he’s a freelance designer too!), so lunch break is also a good time for us to discuss everything and nothing. During this time of year, I do a big batch of homemade soup that lasts us almost the whole week. Yum!

Between 1.30 and 2pm: Back to work! Again, I always decide on which project needs more attention than others before starting and I also try to fit in some time to post on social media as early afternoon is always a good time for my Insta followers. I’m a bit more relaxed in the afternoon and don’t mind checking my phone from time to time and scroll through Twitter and Instagram for example.

4.30pm: I’m having an afternoon break, with a cup of coffee or cappuccino and a biscuit or two. I never used to have coffee in the afternoon but I’m enjoying it now that I’ve embraced my freelance life! Also, it’s because it’s nice coffee and I can’t resist :). I get away from my computer for at least 30mins and I do whatever I feel like doing. It could be sorting out the washing, watching an episode of Friends on TV, or reading a book. The aim is to have a break from work basically.

5pm: Ready to smash that to-do list! This time of day really is different depending on how busy I am. If I’ve done everything I needed to do on that day, then I work on some personal projects and blog posts, or I search for some new work/clients. But if I’m busy and still have things on my to-do list, then I work hard to finalise my designs on time and I send those last emails before the end of the day. Jason is usually still working too by that time of the day so it gives me that motivation to carry on!

7pm: I’m done! Very rarely I will carry on working after that time. By 7pm, I close my computer and I get on with what I feel like doing before starting to prepare food at around 8-8.30pm. Twice a week I try to do a workout to keep healthy, or if it’s nice outside, Jason and I go for a walk along the river down the road from our house. It’s also the best time for Jason and I to keep in touch with both our families and once a week, Jason has a Skype call with his. We also go to the cinema maybe once or twice a month and we always do our food shop on weekdays. Weekends are definitely not made for food shopping! Other than that, I’ll read a book, play around with my clay or even just crash on the sofa to watch a bit of TV if I can’t be bothered!

Weekends: We never work on weekends. We feel that working around 7 hours a day for 5 days a week is definitely enough for us. Yes, there are days when we work more like 10 hours but we try to avoid it! Plus, I definitely need the weekend to recharge the batteries, go out and explore, cook some delicious meals and just chill out. I couldn’t function anymore without my weekends off! I hear so many people on social media saying that we need to ‘hustle’ every minute of the day, every day of the week, but I couldn’t do this. To me, life is not just about work so I guess it depends on people’s priorities :)

Do you guys agree? Or do you have a completely different routine? Let me know what you think!

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