Tuesday 31 October 2017

Happy Halloween!

Are you guys doing anything cool tonight? I've been wanting to buy some pumpkins to carve, but in France, they seem to be SUPER expensive as they're quite rare to find and honestly, I could not bring myself to spend 10€ for two pumpkins, so there you go, no pumpkins this year :(

BUT, we've had my brother staying over with us since last Friday and I've planned a little Halloween feast with some cool films to watch so it's not so bad. I personally love to watch Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween night as to me this is the best ever. I've seen it so many times and know it almost by heart now but whatever I do, I always come back to this one. It's tradition. It's a bit like watching the Harry Potter films on the run up to Christmas. It puts me into Winter mode and its magical atmosphere makes me feel ready for Christmas.

Anyway,  everything has been going pretty well for us lately and we're both really busy with some great projects so even though we're tired, it's a good tired. We're enjoying the darker evenings lately and we're making sure to take some time to relax, which is much needed as I've been ill a whole week earlier in the month! Now that we're going to be in November from tomorrow, I'm finally embracing the season and I'm ready for the whole whirlwind of Christmas gifts, markets with mulled wine and cosy nights with candles. By the way, I'm getting my Christmas cards ready to be sold on my Etsy shop so watch this space!

I hope you all have a great Halloween and that those with kids will get to steal as many sweets as possible from them (don't forget to film their reaction haha)!

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