Friday 26 October 2018

Unexpectedly Amazing Dinan!

WOW. We were definitely not expecting this! On our last vacation day, we didn't want to just leave our Airbnb and go straight back home (depressing!), so we thought we would stop in Dinan on the way back as I'd heard it was a nice place to visit. Well, we had a slight shock when realising how beautiful the whole place was and we kept telling ourselves 'how the hell did we not visit this town before?!'

I think the photos will speak for themselves even though it's of course much nicer in real life! What I love about it is that it didn't feel touristy at all on that day and we could walk around the cobbled streets in awe of all the old timbered houses, not feeling like we had to move out of the way for somebody to take a photo of his wife (you know that feeling?).

It's like discovering a little gem and feeling so special about it haha. Anyway, get ready for quite a few photos!

We didn't take the time to head inside the castle but apparently it's a good one! To be honest, we were also watching our money and if we had to choose between a nice lunch and tickets to visit the castle, we would definitely choose the food (although it was hard because you must know by now that we LOVE castles, but food always wins) ;)

Actually, we found this great crêperie Au Coin de la Breizh which was very affordable and delicious, so we didn't regret our choice!

I think the best cobbled streets that you have to walk along is the Rue de Jerzual that becomes the Rue du Petit Fort. That's where we found the most authentic-looking houses and most of the photos above are from these two streets! Also, we loved walking on the fortified walls to get a better view of the town.

Oh and don't forget to have a look at the clock tower (Tour de l'Horloge) and the Basilique Saint Sauveur!

At one point I just felt so lucky to be able to see such a great place and living so close to it that we could come back whenever we feel like it.

We definitely don't have a lot of money (I mean, hello, we spent our honeymoon just a couple of hours away from home), but money isn't everything and I know for sure that some people can't even afford to go somewhere, even if it's not far from where they live, purely because they can't afford to take time off or book an Airbnb for a few nights. So I do feel lucky and I do cherish these rare moments.

We also know that our real honeymoon will be our trip to Japan in a few years time, which we are saving for, so we're definitely looking forward to it!

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