Thursday 1 November 2018

Vive les Mariés !

Aaaaaah! It was almost two months ago, but I still remember this very happy day vividly! From getting ready early in the morning as we were all in my parents' house (with only one bathroom!), to the mad rush to get to the Mairie, the ceremony where I cried like a baby and of course the rest of this amazing day at the Domaine... Pure joy!

We got married in the morning at the Mairie in Bouguenais (where my parents live and where I grew up) which is very similar to a registry office in the UK. It was perfect, just 11 of us and 'Uptown Funk' from Bruno Mars blasting out before and after the ceremony. As we wanted it to be a bit more personal, we asked to each do a little speech before the exchange of the rings and I'm so glad we did! My dad filmed it all and we haven't had the chance to see it yet, but it's a good thing I did my speech first as the moment Jason started his I was crying so much that I wouldn't have been able to do mine after haha. His words were so beautifully written and I was already very emotional of course, so I couldn't avoid it. Never mind the beautiful make-up my sister did!

Straight after the Mairie, we headed off to the Domaine de Rochevilaine, in Bretagne, to have our delicious meal and spend some time all together. We were lucky enough to have the sun out most of the day so it was perfect for the photos! We didn't hire a photographer so my dad took most of them on our camera and of course we managed to get more photos from everybody else. We didn't mind of course and had a lot of fun finding places to pose, even to the point of climbing over rocks with me being completely barefoot!

I can safely say that it was just perfect and Jason and I were so happy about it all. It felt very special indeed to share this great day with our closest family.

As a wedding gift, my parents booked a room at the Domaine for the night so when everybody left in the early evening, we went up to our room (with a beautiful view on the sea!), had a shower, and headed to the swimming pool in the luxury spa! The whole pool area was open to guests so of course we had to take advantage of it ;). We finished the day with another lovely meal at the restaurant (Jason still remembers the 18 year aged Whisky he had!).

In the morning, we had our breakfast sent to our room and we were lucky enough to have a massage booked just before going. It was heaven! Although I'd say the only downside is that we are not used to any sort of luxury like this and most of the time we felt like we definitely didn't belong there, but hey ho, it didn't stop us from enjoying it!

It was the most simple wedding of all time probably, but it was perfection for us, and we are now proud to be Mr and Mrs Chevalier-Roberts :)

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