Thursday 22 November 2018

Le Manoir de Correc

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be able to visit the private manor house called Manoir de Correc in Saint-Gelven, thanks to the autumnal festival Le Bel Automne that's been happening all around the Côtes d'Armor area in Bretagne this year!

The owners themselves did the guided tour (well the husband mainly) and their story is quite amazing! His wife spotted that manor house in 1991 when it was in a shockingly terrible state and they still went on and bought it. Since then, they've been working very hard to restore this traditional Breton building built in the 16th century to its well-deserved glory, and when you see the photos when it was bought, you realise the amount of work they've had to do! The gardens were completely overgrown, parts of the walls were falling apart, the roof was in a very bad state and the wood beams inside were almost all rotten...

They were a lovely couple and I don't think they realised just how many people would turn up so they were a bit taken aback! We loved going around the house and learning about the work they've had to do in each room and outside. You can see photos of some of the rooms below :)

They were quite elderly people and the husband even joked about the fact that the manor house might not even be finished by the time they pass away! I have to say though, they've done an amazing job already and I could tell that they love their house and they're passionate about the whole process. I guess you have to be when you're starting this kind of project ;)

It was such a great afternoon, the air was cold and crisp and the trees were different shades of oranges and yellows everywhere around the building. We had a break after the guided tour and ate some yummy crêpes outside (there was a little food stand for the occasion).

Towards the end of the day, as people started to go, we spotted that a classical band was getting ready to play inside the house so we had a look and managed to grab some seats before it started. We didn't regret it! Although it's not the type of music I would usually listen to, it always feels different when you hear it live and the fact that we were in that beautiful building made it quite special :)

We came home at the end of the day when it was pitch black, very content of our well-spent afternoon.

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