Monday 1 February 2016

Giveaway - Love is in the air

Happy first of February!

Even though I was always against creating some cheesy pink artwork for the 'love month', I thought that this year I would make an exception and I actually really like the result! It's not too cul-cul la praline with cupids and hearts everywhere, but it's definitely expressing the celebration of love and happiness. Success!

If you put aside the whole commercial aim of Valentine's Day nowadays, I think this special day is a good excuse for a tasty meal with your boyfriend, quality time with your family, a cinema with your bestie... and the list goes on. Love is everywhere right? So even though we shouldn't need just a day in the year to celebrate it, we can take advantage of it and show our love to the people we care about.

Or maybe I'm just a bit soppy lately because I'm in awe of my boyfriend and always want to squeeze him because I'm too crazy about him. Who knows!

Anyway, feel free to download these bad boys to refresh your desktops!


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