Saturday 27 February 2016

More cuteness in my Etsy shop!

Yep, the collection is growing! I have three brand new cards available in my Etsy shop! Yaaay!

These are cuter than ever, colourful and perfect to go with a special gift. I wanted to introduce other animals than cats over the time, and I decided that an owl could make friends with the cats and bear already in the collection.

I really enjoyed working on these as I feel that I'm getting more confident with my style and my mind is literally bubbling with ideas. Because my goal is to have a wide range of cards in my shop, I decided to not concentrate so much on birthday cards and work on some other type of cards that people need daily. I mean, is there any better way to say thank you than two cute cats sharing a fish?! You get it, I want my new cards to be fun, unique and exactly what you need for a dear friend or loved one.

Enjoy x

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