Saturday 6 February 2016

Portfolio Update - Iconic Car Illustrations

Yep I know. Cars. I don't know if it's because Jason has had a Ford Capri MK3 ever since I've known him, but when I was asked to illustrate some iconic cars as part of a project for Enochs Fish & Chips at View Creative, I was actually excited.

I knew exactly from the beginning the kind of style I wanted to use for these and even though the process took quite a bit of time (there were 12 illustrations to do), I was so pleased with the result that I had to share it! Here is a selection of my favourites. I just love the colours and how simple yet effective they are. And just in case you didn't recognise them all (but just don't tell me as I would get offended!) I included the names at the bottom of the illustration as a final touch.

Don't get too excited though as I don't think I'll ever have the occasion to work on a project involving cars, but it was certainly a nice break from all the usual work I get at the office!

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