Tuesday 9 February 2016

Happy Mardi Gras!

Or otherwise known as Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday if you prefer.

Anyway, however you call it, it doesn't matter because we will all eat the same very tasty thing tonight: pancakes. And you know how much I love pancakes, or should I say crêpes as a good French girl. I know it's a week night and all, but I can't resist the call of delicious pancakes with maple syrup, banana and chocolate coulis (maybe all at once, oops!) so if you're searching for us, we will be at home, scoffing as many pancakes as we can to celebrate today.

This year I feel I need to concentrate more on my personal work and I would like to create little artworks here and there that make me happy, just like this little guy at the top. So be prepared to see more of these!

Have a lovely evening x

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