Friday 10 June 2016

Füssen and the Bavarian Castles

I have to say, the weather wasn't great AT ALL the whole week we were there, but what a great time we've had! Bavaria is an amazing place, not too touristy and full of character. And if you like the outdoors and great big mountains, well, what are you waiting for?

We stayed in a little town called Rieden, 10mins by car to Füssen. We found this chalet on HouseTrip and we didn't regret one bit of money that we payed for it. Best place we've ever stayed at. Actually, the photos don't do it justice. And they're missing the most important bit: the hosts. So nice and helpful, and they made us feel at home straight away!

On our fist day there, we decided to explore Füssen to get used to the public transport and get a bit more of a feel of this part of Bavaria. It was a bit sunny in the morning and we were brave enough to do the hour and a half walk to Füssen. It felt longer but it's because we were stopping all the time to take some photos! The views were stunning.

Arriving at the town, we just loved the atmosphere and the narrow streets with colourful buildings. We felt we could relax, and even though we did quite a bit and ventured around the outside of the town walls, we took our time and just enjoyed everything at a slow pace. Also, THE FOOD!

It didn't take us long to go and explore both famous castles (obviously). So the next day, we put on our trainers and a good coat (the umbrella was literally attached to Jason's arm during the whole week, ha!) and headed to the Neuschwanstein castle first. Yep, the one that inspired Walt Disney for the Sleeping Beauty castle. It is a great shame that we couldn't take any photos inside, because WOW, most eccentric castle we've ever seen!

And the Hohenshwangau catsle, whilst being a bit more, let's say, plain, was definitely worth the visit too. If you've been following on Instagram, it was apparently just a small hunting retreat for the Bavarian royal family. Well I'd say they had a different definition of the word small in those days!

We came back home exhausted (it's a loooong way to walk up there), but very happy.

Stay tuned for the next post about Munich!

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