Thursday 16 June 2016

München in a day

After a couple of hours on the train, we arrived in beautiful Munich, determined to do as much as we could even though a big thunderstorm was on its way!

The first thing we did was to go up the 306 steps to the top of the St Peterskirche tower. Funnily enough, it wasn't as hard as we thought but I was definitely freaking out looking down as I could see everything in between the steps! The sun came out just on time and we managed to snap a few cool shots! My legs were starting to feel like jelly so we didn't stay too long up there.

Back to Marienplatz, we went around the magnificent Neues Rathaus and we were in owe of all the details. You can see Jason's face concentrating really hard (by the way, told you about the umbrella)!

Just before lunch, we took the time to go around the Bier & Oktoberfestmuseum and let's say that Jason was quite excited and took a million photos! Even though most of it was in German, I personally enjoyed the little anecdotes and displays here and there of vintage material. We also learnt quite a lot about the story of Bavarian beer! It's only €4 per person so would definitely recommend it.

Also, how mad is this photo of us? We couldn't stop laughing!

Awww, a rare photo of the both of us! To be honest, we did struggle to take this one and I was quite tempted to do a gif showing all the rubbish tentatives haha.

After a stroll around the Viktualienmarket and some scrumptious food (sausages and sauerkraut!), we headed to the Residenz and its Hofgarten. It actually made us think of Paris' structural gardens and we didn't feel like we were in the middle of a busy city.

We decided to carry on and went around the Englischer Garten, however, we couldn't do it all as it stretches for miles! We stopped at the Chinesischer Turm (surprising building to find don't you think?) and went back to the old centre to enjoy a 1L glass of beer at the famous Hofbräuhaus. Well, Jason had it, I had a shandy (ha!). Still enjoyed it though and the atmosphere was absolutely great! I'm not surprised that all the guides about Munich tell you to experience it at least once.

Another post about our last couple of days is coming soon!

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