Tuesday 28 June 2016

Oberammergau and a cable car experience

Oberammergau is a small traditional town known for its Passion Play, but to be honest, we felt it had a lot more to it and it's such a nice place to discover! We loved all the painted buildings and the mountains in the background everywhere you look.

And, even though it was the beginning of June, we entered in a shop FULL of Christmas cheer. Abba was even playing in the background! We were astonished at some of the decorations as a lot of them were done by hand, but we felt kinda weird about it all. But I'd say it's worth having a look at it any time of the year!

We carried on our little stroll, going from landmarks to landmarks, taking it all in (in between the rain). One of the last building we visited called Pilatushaus hosts workshops and is famous for its fresco painted in an illusionist style. You can watch the painters and crafters creating their art and it also contains a small gallery. By that time we were ready for cake! Plus, it was shucking it down.

We unfortunately don't remember the name of this place but OH MY GOD! We literally spent ages trying to figure out which piece of cake we wanted because everything looked amazeballs. If we had this type of café down the road I would gain 10lbs in one week! Anyway, it's on the main road and it saved us! I tried to take more photos of the cakes but the reflection made them look pretty rubbish. Sorry!

Before leaving for the day, we couldn't resist taking more photos of the stunning landscapes and still couldn't believe where we were. Snowdonian mountains are high, but wow, they can't compare to these ones!

Being so close to the Alps, we ought to explore the highest mountains in Füssen on our last day. It didn't disappoint. We weren't too sure at the beginning because of the thick layer of fog, but we would have been crazy not to go because of it as it turned out to be pretty clear in so many areas and the views were great! We took the Tegelbergbahn and it was (yes I'm going to use this word) EPIC.

Again, couldn't resist showing you more photos of the amazing views we got to see. We were absolutely knackered by the end of the day though, going up and down the mountains to reach the places without too much fog. Worth it! Also, how impressive was it once you start seeing the trees through the fog in the cable car?! I wasn't feeling so well though when I clearly saw how high we were when the fog disappeared completely!

Then the sun came out and we felt that if we wanted to deserve the massive meal we were about to eat (more sausages and sauerkraut ha!), we should walk the 30 mins walk to get to a different bus rather than going for the easy option. We did well because we got to see the Neuschwanstein castle from a complete different angle and we also took all the vitamine D we could!

One thing that we found quite cute around the area is that most of the cows have a bell around their neck and everywhere you go, you can just hear their soft music in the background.

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed seeing what were up to in Bavaria :)

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