Friday 24 November 2017

Auray in Autumn

We visited Auray a little while back and we instantly loved it. It's one of those small port towns in Brittany that still have a traditional feel with its old bridge and cobbled stone streets. You can also find a lot of renovated old houses with their wonky wood beams that I can't help but taking loads of photos of.

It was really nice to stroll around the town at a really quiet time and the Autumnal sun was just perfect. They started to put up the Christmas decorations but sadly the lights weren't on. Well, I guess we're not quite ready for Christmas yet... Right?! More photos below!

See what I mean when I said it was empty? I think we just timed it right as when we decided to head back home, we realised it was getting busier and busier by the minute.

Because the atmosphere was so nice and relaxing, we felt like we could take it slow and decided to go for a walk along the river. I had the brilliant idea of stopping by Maison Georges Larnicol to get some treats though so that we could stop and savour them on a bench when we were ready for a little break!

We got four little Kouignettes (which are basically small versions of the traditional Kouign Amann) and they were delicious. Our favourite was the orange/cointreau. Yum! I have to say though, I've tasted them back in Nantes as Larnicol has a shop there too, and they were definitely nicer over here! Maybe the fact that the lady at the shop warmed them up for us just before we ate them helped a bit ;)

We really felt like treating ourselves that day so we also went for a nice coffee (and a beer for Jason) at L'Epicerie. Not only does the outside of the café look great, but the interior is also really welcoming and cosy. Loved it! No wonder they've got such good reviews on Trip Advisor. The cream on my coffee was homemade and it was the most delicious and thickest cream I've ever had! Honestly, you have to taste it to believe me.

No doubt we'll be back very soon! But for now, get ready for more festive posts next month as we're heading into the season of Christmas markets and I'd like to visit one or two pretty soon :)

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