Wednesday 8 November 2017

Domaine de Suscinio

When my brother was staying with us last month, we had some amazing weather during the weekend so we thought it was a very good excuse to explore somewhere new with him. We drove about an hour south of where we live and arrived at the Domaine de Suscinio with its beautiful castle surrounded by the sea and its wildlife park.

The castle itself was stunning and really well renovated. It has this typical French castle vibe that is sometimes hard to describe, and we discovered that some of its decorations were typically Bretonnes and authentic.

The most amazing part though was this room on the last floor where they reconstructed the original floor from the chapel that the archeologists discovered in the 70's when they started off the renovation. The great thing about it is that they didn't try to make it look like a floor but more like a piece of art 'hanging' on the wall so that everybody can see its full extent.

Dreamy isn't it? We even went to the beach for a little break before going back home. You wouldn't have thought it was late October and a couple of brave people were actually having a dip in the sea!

It was such a good day and I would definitely recommend it if you're visiting Brittany and the Golf du Morbihan area. And if you're into bird watching, then it will be heaven for you ;)

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