Thursday 30 November 2017

Wallpaper Giveaway - Winter is Here

That's it guys, it's the last day of November and we can't avoid the fact that Winter is well and truly here! It gets dark at around 5pm, there's frost on the grass when we wake up, and sometimes, you can see the cold on your breath when you're outside.

It's been a little while that I didn't do a wallpaper giveaway and I felt quite inspired to do more of an illustrative one rather than a typographic artwork like I often do. I went with a cold emerald green and decided to draw some elegant and fragile flower and leaves, along with some snow to be totally in the theme.

I secretly hope there will be some snow where we live in the thick of Winter as the whole village would look kind of magical. Plus, it doesn't matter if we can't use our car as we're working at home so as long as our internet connection is still operational (and we have enough food obviously), I'll be a happy girl!


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