Wednesday 15 November 2017

Coup de Coeur - Heikala's Art

Hey guys! I've decided to start a new series of blog posts called 'Coup de Coeur' (a French expression that can translate to 'love at first sight', something that literally captures your heart). I'm seeing so many artists and designers that I admire and inspire me everyday in my work that I thought it was about time for me to actually share it.

I'm opening the Coup de Coeur series with an artist that I've discovered very recently whilst looking at tweets from the Inktober challenge. She's known as Heikala (her first name is Laura), and I straight away fell in love with her illustrations. I started to follow her on Twitter where I've discovered the short videos showing her process. So clever! Also super relaxing. I could watch her illustrating those magical scenes and characters all day! Laura's talent is just so amazing and I've been obsessed with her artworks.

What I love about her work is the fact that it makes me think about all the magical worlds of Studio Ghibli but with her own style and imagination. Some of the characters she paints have a bit of a mystical quality and most of her artworks have such a peaceful, otherworldly feel.

A few examples below!

See what I mean?! Make sure to follow her on Twitter and have a look at her shop! I'm SUPER excited as she's announced that all her Inktober illustrations will be available in an art book at the end of the year. Her originals sold out super quickly and I think this is a brilliant idea if you'd like to have a collection of Laura's work all in one book.

I'd love to know if there are any creatives out there that you admire and would love to be BFF with! In the meantime, I'll try and share a Coup de Coeur every month or so. Keep your eyes peeled ;)

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