Friday 19 August 2016

Miroir d'Eau

During our holiday with my family back in Nantes, we took the time to wander around the city, eat tasty p√Ętisseries (obvs), and enjoy the sight of new sculptures and installations. My mum kept going on about this massive Miroir d'Eau, built right in front of the castle, so we had to go and see it. I have to say, it's not really the beautiful reflections that it creates that makes it interesting, but more the fact that during summer, loads of kids are loving it and playing with the water until they're too tired to even walk. It creates such a nice atmosphere! I didn't manage to get that many pics, but this one above was one of the best.

It got a bit windy after a little while, so it was a good excuse to go and grab a coffee at the Lieu Unique. I've always loved this place, and it reminds me of my years at my design school as we would always be there, either because there was an exhibition to see, some architectural drawings to do, or just because we felt like having a drink. The place is great for gigs too! I think it was a hipster bar before the word hipster existed ;).

It was a relaxing afternoon with my parents and it was nice to really take it easy during these holidays. When we go away, just Jason and I, we always cram as much as we can in a day, but this time, we really wanted to chill a bit and just enjoy the company of my family. No more holidays for us until Christmas though, so we better get those working pants on!!

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