Monday 1 August 2016

Our big plan + a Giveaway!

Happy first of August! We're currently enjoying a week off in France, visiting my family and spending some quality time with my parents and brother that we haven't seen in ages. Follow me on Instagram or Twitter to get some updates of our adventures!

Now then, after so much pink and orange in my artwork lately, I decided to go against the grain and use some cold colours for this month's wallpaper set. I know, it's not like me right? But when painting foliage, I just can't use any other colours than green and blue hues. And you have to admit that it's quite pretty like that!

The message came to me quite easily as I was thinking about some of the big decisions that Jason and I had to make recently. You know by now that I quit my full-time job in June to pursue a freelance career, well, the good news is Jason is going to leave is job too this month to do exactly the same thing! Whoop whoop! But that's not all. These big changes have a purpose that we've been talking about for more than a year now. We were just waiting to see how going freelance was working out for me before taking the plunge, and we've now realised that it's the right time TO MOVE TO FRANCE!

Yes, you've read right, after 5 years in beautiful North Wales, it's time for me to go back to France, and Jason didn't have to think twice to agree and decide to move with me (well, to be honest, I would have never left North Wales if Jason decided to stay here as I just can't see my life without him!). So there you go, that's our big plan for the year, and we are planning to move just before Christmas.

It will be a massive change, and I'm sure the whole process will have its share of stressful and insecure moments, but these wallpapers are here to remind us that sometimes, the best choice you can make in your life is not the easy choice.


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