Thursday 11 August 2016


After a relaxing weekend at my parents' house (we arrived on Saturday evening to a great apéro with some close family), we thought it would be good to move away from the chaise longue and explore a bit. The beach was calling us so we went to this beautiful little coastal town called Piriac-sur-Mer, straight after our picnic at a nearby beach.

You know what? We actually swam! I mean, the water wasn't really warm, but it felt good to be able to dive in the water for once (the sea in North Wales is WAY too cold for me).

It was such a great day, and we took so many photos! It was hard to narrow them down, trust me. I love all the little streets and odd looking buildings which you can tell are very old and have been renovated over the years with bits and bobs added on. It's great to have coastal towns with loads of charm not too far from Nantes.

We enjoyed ice cream with rows of boats in the background, a stroll around the coast to reach the Pointe du Castelli, and most of all, some quality time with my family that I hadn't seen since Christmas. Well, apart from my brother who visited us earlier this year, but I miss him so much that it felt like a very long time since I saw him too. The only person missing was my sister, but I don't blame her, she's having the time of her life in the South of France, and for all we know, she might end up settling there!

Family is so important to me, and it's definitely one of the reasons why Jason and I decided to move to France by the end of the year. After five years in North Wales, I felt that it was time for me to be closer to my family for the next few years, and I've been lucky enough to have a boyfriend that is all excited about it!

Stay tuned for the second part of our holiday :)

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