Monday 15 August 2016

Portfolio Update - St David's Hospice Animation

Morning guys! Here is another project that I absolutely LOVED working on at View Creative. It was a first as well and such a great experience.

I had the pleasure to work on all the characters and scenes needed for this short video promoting St David's Hospice in North Wales, and the talented Hollie did all the animation side of it.

It was hard work as I wasn't used to it. Just the fact that I had to think about how the character would be moving and its facial expressions was so different from the process I'm used to. But let me tell you that when you see the result and your illustrations are actually moving, it's the best feeling ever. I'm so pleased with it! And Hollie did such a great job with a tight deadline.

To see the full video and more of my process, click RIGHT HERE!

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